Lean Into You

Do I Need a Mentor?

March 03, 2021 Alex Farrell and Wesley Mayes/ Marj Flemming Season 2 Episode 21
Lean Into You
Do I Need a Mentor?
Show Notes

In today's episode of Lean Into You, we talk with Marj Flemming, the founder of Launchpoint Leadership, a consultancy that develops individuals into strong leaders.  In our chat, we will talk about how you can know when you may need a mentor. We will cover:
     1) What the qualities of a good leader are
     2) The dynamics of a mentor/mentee relationship
     3) How to diagnose whether you need a mentor or not
     4) How to find a mentor and what the benefits are for educators
     5) How educators can become mentors in the everyday through "mentoring moments"

If you would like to engage more with some of the topics in today's conversation, visit www.launchpointleadership.com.

This podcast is funded through a grant with the Tennessee Department of Human Services and Signal Centers, Inc.