Lean Into You

Understanding Pain and Stoking Curiosity

January 20, 2021 Alex Farrell and Wesley Mayes Season 1 Episode 20
Lean Into You
Understanding Pain and Stoking Curiosity
Show Notes

In today's episode of Lean Into You, we talk with Dr. Matt McClanahan, the Medical Director for the Center for Insight Medicine.  In our chat, we will talk about understanding pain and stoking our curiosity. We will cover:
     1) What pain is and how it operates as a messenger in our bodies
     2) The misconceptions surrounding pain
     3) The connection between mind, body, and spirit
     4) How we can begin to reframe pain to help us understand ourselves better
     5) How approaching pain with curiosity can nudge the needle back towards safety

If you would like to engage more with some of the topics in today's conversation, visit www.centerforinsightmedicine.com. If you are interested in watching the Still Face Experiment mentioned in this episode, view it at the link above. 

This podcast is funded through a grant with the Tennessee Department of Human Services and Signal Centers, Inc.